Notarial mediation

In order to avoid long and costly legal proceedings and restore dialogue between parties in conflict, choose notarial mediation.

A rapid, alternative and innovative process, organised and conducted by the impartial and objective teams at BAUM NOTAIRES, mediation is a peaceful, win-win resolution to a dispute.

Resolving a conflict with mediation

Mediation by notaries public is an amicable and confidential dispute resolution process. It is based on a voluntary approach and aims to help the parties reach a negotiated solution that is satisfactory for everyone. The mediator can intervene in any conflict situation, whether professional, commercial, personal or family.

This expert is neither an arbitrator nor a judge. Their role is to encourage dialogue by setting a framework that allows everyone to express their needs, expectations and vision of the conflict, in order to find creative solutions that are mutually acceptable to everyone and that will last over time.

BAUM NOTAIRES : your mediator in case of dispute

Because of its status as a public officer, its ethics, its expertise and qualifications, BAUM NOTAIRES is authorised to practice conventional and judicial mediation. We intervene as mediators to resolve conflicts in all of the notary public’s fields of expertise:

  • family and estate law: inheritance, liquidation of matrimonial property regimes, divorce, separation, break-up of PACS;
  • Estates and Family Law: conflicts between co-owners or between neighbours, tenancy disputes, property and change of ownership, life annuities, sales and pending home sales;
  • Corporate law: transfer of business ownership, conflictual relations between partners, business relations, commercial leases.
Trained in notarial mediation, Claire Lubin, a partner notary public at BAUM NOTAIRES, runs the office’s mediation department. Accompanied by the firm’s staff, she assists you in finding a fair and lasting solution to your dispute.