Authentication of documents

For all your records and official acts requiring the intervention of a notary public in his capacity as authenticator, BAUM NOTAIRES offers you its expertise in authentication, legalisation, apostille and affidavits, or other legal advice.

We assist individuals, companies and their advisors in all the steps necessary to complete their formalities with efficiency, speed and discretion.

As public officials and legal professionals, the notaries public at BAUM are all authorised to certify your documents by affixing the seal of the French State. We take the necessary steps to authenticate their veracity and allow their expertise in France and abroad.

Signature authentication

Signature authentication is a simple material verification of your signature in order to present your documents in France or abroad.

To be certified, a signature must be affixed in the presence of a notary public from the firm. The notary public does not certify the substance of the document, but only the identity of the signatory and the veracity of the signature. The authentication of signatures takes place in our office by appointment or at your premises on request.

Authentication of a copy of the original

The certified copy attests to the exact conformity of a reproduction with an original document. The applicant must come to the office by appointment with the original document. BAUM NOTAIRES will make a photocopy of the document. A notary public from the firm may also be present on request.

Legalisation of documents

Legalisation is the formality by which the authenticity of the signature, the capacity in which the signatory of the document has acted and, where applicable, the identity and authenticity of the seal or stamp affixed to the document are attested.

The legalisation of documents issued in France is sometimes required by foreign authorities. This is particularly the case for private deeds, INPI certificates, public or notarial deeds.

BAUM NOTAIRES requests the legalisation of the signature from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The simplified apostille regime

Established by the Hague Convention of 5th October 1961, the apostille is a simplified formality for the legalisation of public documents that must be produced in another State. It has the same effect as legalisation – to authenticate the origin of the document or the signature of the person who issued it – but a more limited scope, as it may only be used for public documents, in particular notarial, administrative, judicial or even commercial documents. For your documents to be apostilled, BAUM NOTAIRES can take care of the apostille formalities at the Paris Court of Appeal.

The apostille is a procedure that is only valid between the signatory states of the Hague Convention of 5th October 1961. For other nations, BAUM NOTAIRES offers you a document legalisation service.

Affidavit of law, in the capacity of the director or other legal advice

The teams at BAUM NOTAIRES are also able to issue affidavits of law, in your capacity or other legal opinions.

These certificates consist of an attestation by a French public official concerning the existence, content and interpretation of French law.

The certificate of capacity of the director attests to the legal capacity of a signatory to commit the company of which he is the legal representative. The certificate of capacity can only be established for companies under French law, on the basis of a recent K-bis, the original or certified articles of association of the company and the minutes of appointment of the director concerned.

Led by all of the firm’s notaries public, BAUM NOTAIRES’ legalisation department guarantees the security, authenticity and full effectiveness of your documents. Located on rue Lulli in the heart of Paris (2nd arrondissement), the firm covers the whole of the inner and outer suburbs of the city thanks to a courier service to respond to your request for certification with the greatest reactivity.